An iconic landmark and world-class high-rise in the capital city of Denmark

The landmark will be a world-class and first-of-its-kind 280 m high-rise and theme park that aims at inspiring and entertaining families, tourists, citizens, etc. with fairy tales and adventures.

The tower is located in Nordhavn right by the sea in Copenhagen with great access by public transport and close to the cruise ship terminals. This makes the tower an ideal location for residences, offices and conference guests and visiting tourists in the theme park and the hotel.

  • “Copenhagen is a city of spires. The city centre has evolved with its historic spires as landmarks: the Stock Exchange, Church of Our Saviour, City Hall and Christiansborg Palace. From the sea and harbour, the landmarks are currently the cranes, power stations and silos. Located at the maritime gateway to Copenhagen, the H.C. Andersen Tower will give us the opportunity to reimagine Nordhavn’s new district, the harbourfront as well as Copenhagen’s skyline to be an integrated architectural whole.”

    Bjarke Ingels
    Founding Partner, BIG
  • “When Tivoli was established, it was located on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Gradually, the city encircled Tivoli and today, the garden is world-famous for its location in the very heart of a dynamic European capital. The H.C. Andersen Adventure Tower and Park gives us a similar opportunity to build an entirely new urban neighbourhood around a green oasis of amusements.”

    David Zahle
    Partner, BIG
  • “The park will create a better microclimate in terms of wind, weather and warmth, and it will safeguard the climate of the nearby neighbourhoods. It will be a park that gives a lot of value back to the city in terms of nature, biological diversity, economy, social capital, sustainability and aesthetics.”

    Rasmus Astrup
    Partner, SLA

Give Back to Denmark

Attract international visitors & establish a landmark identity

Establish a visual vibrancy consistent across districts in Copenhagen

Maintain a sustainable profile throughout Nordhavn including electricity, water, heating, etc.

Introduce occupational and tax revenue through construction posts, thus providing socio-economic benefits

Serve as an internationally unique reference in the interconnection of physical, social, sustainable and economic development of Copenhagen

Strengthen North Harbour

Create a ‘green heart’ for Nordhavn

Catalyse urban development along the coast

Promote investments in planned infrastructure

Invigorate the economy with plentiful job opportunities

Provide for Oceankaj

Provide a public natural park central to Nordhavn

Ensure natural climate adaptation and ecosystem services

Create accessibility by integrating the Metro into the city and park

Enliven the district with multi-functional buildings all year round

Activate edges of cruise terminals for the inclusion of tourists